I came to Ocean Bliss Recovery for PHP treatment. This place not only has the best staff/therapists but the groups that were run by my time being here helped me more than any other facility I had been at. I recommend anyone that struggles with addiction they should absolutely come here. Dr. Bliss had been more than perfect helping me with my own personal issues as well as the therapist Jessica and Patrick – Patrick just the MAN.

Thank you for everything Dr. Bliss/Jessica/Andrea/Patrick. I can’t wait to start IOP.

Samantha B.

Time and time again I have found myself in different facilities and nothing has come close to Ocean Bliss Recovery. There has been multiple situations where I was overwhelmed and stressed out, but I wouldn’t have overcame everything if it wasn’t for Dr. Bliss, Jessica, Andrea and of course Dr. Patrick. I was blessed to be able to come to PHP treatment and have the support I received. Love,

Mark S.

Dear Charley, we will always remember your kindness and Michael’s helpfulness to my late brother Billy Jack. Your firm made all the arrangements to escorted him to Dallas when he couldn’t find his way. Thank you ever so much.


Mark Rollins

My brother is 48 years old he has dementia precipitated due to a heroin addiction he has struggled with his entire life. I work for a government agency and was referred to your company to assist me in finding a place for John, to live and get the care he needs, because I work and can’t take care of him myself. I was given the opportunity to work with Michael Dane, who found 2-3 places for me to go check out and he came with me on my search to make sure we picked the best community for John. We ended up going with an adult family group home and during the day he will attend a PHP. I feel so lucky to have found your group appreciate all of your help and guidance. 

Sincerely Maria Hernandez

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Our twin sons have been in and out of treatment facilities for the past 8 years. At age 23 they are finally on what appears to be the road to recovery. We contacted your firm a little over one years ago and at the recommendation of the Seaside Director “Michael Dane”, we placed the boys into your Hallandale Beach facility. They stayed there for 30 days and then were transferred to your inpatient group property where they remain today and are doing well and sober for the first time in many years. On behalf of our entire family, thank you for bringing my boys back to life and restoring the integrity of our family.


Alice and Stanley McKenzie

Our Minister told us to call Charley Meadows. She has been a reliable friend to us for many years, we wouldn’t be able to consider remaining at home if she had not gotten us the VA Benefit. She worked with us and made all the arrangements for us to get the care and the therapy needed to demonstrate our needs were chronic. When we got our first check we were so happy we called Charley and shared our good news. She wouldn’t even let us take her to dinner to say thank you, she said her work is to help and knowing we got our entitlement, is a blessing. Thank you Charley, we love you!

Calvin (86) and Celeste (79)

Delray Beach, FL

We live in NY. Mom didn’t want to move back here even though the grandchildren are here, she says they don’t call now why would it be different in NY? That is our mother, Rose. – When time came to start looking at retirement and assisted living options, mom’s doctor recommended Match Maker Assisted Living Lifestyles. They had patience, showed her kindness and best of all were extraordinary listeners to understand traditions that were important to her. They helped find a community respectful of her culture. Mom moved into a spacious one bedroom apartment, and the agency arranged for a move manager who coordinated every detail. We are so blessed to have discovered Assisted Living Lifestyles.

Dr. Mona Friedman

Long Island, NY on behalf of my mother Rose Friedman

43 years ago I was having a drink at a nightclub in the Village, NY. A memorable landmark night the STONEWALL milestone advocating Human Rights for the LGBT Community. A few years later I retired from the Fire Department and with my pension moved to Wilton Manors. When I needed a doctor my friend Nancy at the Pride Community Center recommended I call Match Maker. At a lecture during “Coffee and Conversation” Michael from Assisted Living Lifestyles told the group about VETERAN Subsidy & Match Makers Senior Housing Finders. When ready, I called Match Maker to help identify a “gay friendly” assisted living – they stood up for me as I did at STONEWALL, advocating that I was welcomed regardless of my orientation. I’ve made so many friends here! Thanks to Match Maker they really took an interest, found me a beautiful apartment, were I enjoy the meals, activities and care if needed. They also handled all of my moving arrangements – they made a tough situation easy!
Harvey Glick

Wilton Manors, Florida

What a great service your company provides! We only had one day to find an assisted living facility for our Dad. Assisted Living Lifestyles arranged all the tours and even worked with the case manager at the rehab center to help facilitate Dad’s discharge. Best of all they also explained his eligibility for VETERAN Subsidy. Thanks to their help, NOW he gets $1400 a month above social security income. Call Senior Living Lifestyles and they will take the time to listen, learn and lead you to the right community.
Bertie Reed Lexington


As a healthcare professional, I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the educational seminars and conferences associated with Assisted Living Lifestyles and Michael Dane. He has introduced me to so many people and has really helped me professionally. Wherever he is involved, it is a well managed, well executed program. Assisted Living Lifestyles has arranged for us to partner in several community events all very well attended with a concise market share we are seeking to capture. I just want to say “thank you” and if anyone is looking for advocacy, marketing or network development, you are in good hands with Michael and his organization.
Claudia Delgado


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