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The program is an important part of your recovery, a first step to maintaining your sobriety going forward. That is why, at Ocean Bliss Recovery, we emphasize healthy leisure as an integral part of treatment, to help you succeed when you return to the community.  We integrate community outings to help you live, heal, play, and grow, as well as to discover healthy ways to keep busy and have fun.

Practicing healthy leisure will allow you to choose what types of good, clean fun are right for you!  In addition, these off-campus activities will provide you the opportunity to apply the coping skills you have learned during your stay at Ocean Bliss Recovery in Fort Lauderdale.

Healthcare EAP is all about Ocean Bliss Recovery and Ocean Bliss Management is JCAHO Accredited. Our Partners are well experienced in providing comprehensive services, benefits and treatment to the healthcare industry for over three decades. We have a shared purpose of caring for people on life's journey, we cater to the backbone of the middle class America's Union Members.

Our global team members serve more people of varied ethnicities and our team members bring their culture with them to make our programs not only a place where you will get optimal health care but a place where the team speaks your language. Besides English our amazing physicians and therapy staff speak other languages; French Spanish, Mandarin, German, Hebrew, Italian and Portuguese.

Ocean Bliss Management creates opportunities that are limitless, so why not make Ocean Bliss Management and Recovery your next EAP benefits manager? We’re preparing out 2021 schedule and hope to fill out last vacancy with your members

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