Marc S.

Office Manager

Clive began to build his foundation for hope as a client of Ocean Bliss Recovery in 2016. It was here that he realized how much he loved working with other addicts and soon became the house manager of a local sober living home. Realizing what an asset he was to the community, particularly the men in early sobriety, Ocean Bliss Recovery hired Clive as support staff at the men’s facility, his dedicated work on himself and the population we serve he has grown into the position of Office Manager. His dedication to and love for our community, as well as his passion for helping his fellow addicts, have made him an invaluable part of the Ocean Bliss Recovery team.

Marie Perdomo

Office Manager

Marie is the Director of Clinical Care at Ocean Bliss Recovery. She has a unique understanding of both the client and family experiences while navigating treatment. Her passion for helping others has motivated her work in the field of addiction, serving the medical needs of those struggling with mental health and medical issues. Marie helps those seeking recovery and their families through this difficult process and will be there every step of the way to ensure all clients are receiving the highest quality care. She has worked in the fields of chemical dependency and nursing for over 17 years, and currently serves as the Director of Client Care for both the Men’s and Women’s Programs. She attended Columbia University Nursing Program where she earned her Bachelors Degree in Nursing and became a Licensed Practical Nurse. Her journey brought her to us because of her dedication and passion helping people. She works with our current clients and our alumni retraining how sobriety is a new normal! As a loving mother of 2 boys, she has made south Florida her home and she brings that same compassion and empathy to individuals suffering from addiction, as well as the expertise of someone who has walked the path successfully.

Cynthia Williams

Case Manager

Cynthia Williams comes to Ocean Bliss Recovery with a strength-based and heart-centered approach to client care. Since 2009 Cynthia has been hands-on in the field with a special focus on those experiencing behavioral health, chemical dependency, eating disorders, and health issues. Cynthia uses a compassionate approach to help each client uncover the root of their presenting issues. She understands how demanding early recovery can be and intimately knows what heart-centered approaches will help individuals achieve long term sobriety. Cynthia has obtained extensive background by working hand-on helping vulnerable adults, who have been traumatized and or the unwanted to feel needed. Additionally, she has obtained many certifications in various disciplines from medication management, to behavioral health and CPR. All of her trainings she has completed including trauma-informed therapy and has extensive knowledge in food preparation and serves individual and families helping to retrain them not to be enabling but to be pro-active.

Katrina Forman, MSW, MBA, CLC

Program Director

Katrina is a Therapist who has worked in the field of mental health and addiction treatment for several years. Her ability to meet the client, foster them in an environment of trust, openness, and acceptance. Appreciation of the client and their unique journey which led them to Ocean Bliss Recovery inspires Katrina’s professional care. She brings a dynamic energy coupled with a direct yet calm approach to her practice. She has extensive experience in the field with specialties in addiction, trauma, young adult issues and women’s issues. Katrina received her specialized training from FAU. Katrina has worked in treatment as a program director, Social Work Director and group facilitator. She places an emphasis in mental health and holds a master’s degree in social work. Among her many hats she wears at work and the many important career roles she has lead, her favorite is being a new mother and the joy of raising her baby and helping to save lives every day makes her job so meaningful to the many mothers who come into treatment or who send their children to OCEAN BLISS RECOVERY.

John Quintero Licensed Real-Estate Agent

Housing Manager

Dedicated his career to Social Services. He is a vibrant part of our team and well loved by everyone. His passion for helping people discover their value and potential in living a spiritual lives. John who likes to be called “Alex” is fully bi-lingual, he began her journey at Ocean Bliss Recovery in 2016 and was among the core team launching the program. He has an incredible zest for live, brings a spiritual balance and believes fitness is freedom. He leads many fitness initiatives and focuses on finding the best counseling support services aftercare as well as manages our housing communities. Alex believes that all individuals are meant to live with pursuit of happiness. His goal in working with clients is to help them uncover their maladapted core issues and help them discover their worth, value, and potential in recovery.

Michael Dane

Executive Director

Michael Dane is the Chief Executive Officer of Ocean Bliss Recovery and an 28-year veteran of behavioral health and residential housing, a lifetime of practical experiences back to his childhood. Throughout his career he has lead day to day operations in Partial Hospitalization Programs, with Day and Night Community Housing, Medicated Addiction Treatment, (MAT) Intense Outpatient Programs, Outpatient Programs, Behavioral Health centers, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing. In addition he is a certified Assisted Living Administrator. In the coming months he will sit for his State Board to become a Certified Public Guardian and continue his work advocating for families whose loved ones need a voice and a support system as they travel on their road to sobriety. In some cases after parents and siblings are exhausted managing a loved one with dual diagnosis, they turn to Michael to provide advocacy and ongoing support. He considers recovery to be the most important work. A lifeline of support and remains committed to advocating for our family members and friends who need our help desperately. He contributes by being developing an aftercare program, and working with the family and client to implement a long term step down program after leaving treatment because everyone needs it. Mr. Dane brings that same spirit to his work in recovery, believing that education, career, and financial development are required for long-term success. Michael has worked as in the behavioral health and addiction treatment since 1993. His favorite aspects of the work at Ocean Blss Recovery are helping families & addicts renegotiate relationships that support recovery rather than unintentionally enable addiction-driven patterns. He also enjoys mentoring clients and alumni into meaningful academic pursuits and helping them discover – or re-discover – how capable they are while sober. Michael understands first hand what happens to a family who loses a child to drug and alcohol addiction as his brother overdosed when Michael was age 11.

Gail Gannotta

Senior Vice President Strategic Development

Gail Gannotta is responsible for building long-term, sustainable relationships with other treatment centers, providers, and addiction and mental health professionals. After struggling with addiction during her formative years, Gail finally found the freedom of long-term recovery and has made it her mission to help others struggling with substance abuse and other mental health disorders. Gail has two of four children who have battled addiction demons and are clean now. She has worked tirelessly to save lives and keep people off the street connecting them to resources and treatment and housing. She prides herself on being an advocate for many underserved people, both inside and outside of the treatment industry, and is fully invested in helping every person get the support needed and find the proper lifeline of support needed to change ones self destructive path for a healthier alternative. Having lost a brother she adored to a heroine overdose and raising four children as a single mother, working as a licensed practical nurse for 3 decades, she understands the real life struggles and makes it a high priority to find the best resources that meets the needs of each client. Gail also has a background in nutrition, skin care and over 2 decades as an experienced Nurse as well as has won state and national awards for her prominent work in behavioral health. In her spare time, Gail loves to donate medical equipment to needy families, exercise, enjoy the outdoors, hiking and spend time with her cats and friends.

Dr. Jo-Anne Bliss

Clinical Director, Co-Founder

Jo-Anne has worked in substance abuse treatment for over 20 years. Her passion for helping others and providing quality care, whether working with clients or clinically supervising the therapists who work with them, motivated her to carry out her dream of opening Ocean Bliss Recovery. As Co-Founder and Clinical Director of Ocean Bliss Recovery she has implemented a truly “different kind of treatment” that addresses more than just substance abuse, but considers the complex needs of each client. Dr. Bliss holds a Masters degree in counseling psychology and a doctorate in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University. She is licensed as a clinical psychologist with the state of Florida and is recognized by the state as a qualified supervisor, having clinically trained countless masters and doctoral level students for many years. Dr. Bliss’s post doctoral course work includes trauma-based CBT; Rational Living. Therapy; Motivational Interviewing; Thinking for a Change; Aggression Replacement Training; She is a Diplomat of Clinical Forensic Counseling and a Board Certified Founding Fellow, and Certified cognitive behavioral therapist of the American College of Advance Practice. She is a member in good standing of the American Psychological Association, Mental Health association of South Florida and, the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association.

Ana M. Alvarez, RD, LD, CDE

Registered Dietician

Menu Development and Inservice Training internet based. She covers a myriad of subjects; Nutrition, Foodservice with Safe Food Handling, Safe Serv, and is dedicated to serving the needs of the recovery community, assisted living, Group Homes and Addiction Treatment Centers. She is talented creating easy to follow menu’s as a registered dietitian/nutritionist and health coach that uses evidence-based methods and best practices to improve overall health and well-being. She strives to simplify the changes that takes place as one replaces good food and understands eating better, helps the overall attitude and reduces stress. She plants the seeds of sustainable health behavior and through using her nurturing tools, support and training every client has the opportunity to bloom into proactive daily healthy eating routines so they can reap a harvest of lifelong health improvements and vitality

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