First Responders and Students

First Responders and Students

Our nation’s service men and women play a vital role in keeping us safe. Their bravery and fortitude in the face of danger is commendable in every sense of the word. Unfortunately, many who put their lives on the line for our safety can experience post-traumatic stress and other mental health issues long after their service is finished. Instead of getting help for their problems, some first responders and military veterans may start to abuse drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with the trauma. Substance abuse is not the right way to deal with your problems and the team at Ocean Bliss Recovery can help anyone realize that fact. Our evidence-based treatment methods combine the individual recovery attention our residents need with education programs designed to help them stay sober long after leaving our care. Some of our most popular and effective treatment methods include:


  • Individual and Group Treatment
  • Family Restoration Project
  • Medication Observation Records and Management
  • Fitness and Creative Expression
  • Cognitive Health and Wellness
  • Relationship Empowerment
  • Solutions and Job Placement Resources
  • Many more!

There’s no shortage of valuable and effective treatment options at Ocean Bliss Recovery for those first responders who struggle with PTSD symptoms. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from, PTSD and other trauma can make leading a happy and healthy life a huge challenge. Our network of agencies works together to establish resources for first responders and military veterans who need assistance. We invite you to involve your family and other important people in your life in your recovery as support from people we love goes a long way in helping someone overcome their troubles with PTSD or substance abuse.

Students and Stress

It’s not easy being a student these days. The pressures of grades, social expectations and more can be overwhelming for a young adult who may not have the skills or resources available to cope with it all. College students in particular can choose poorly when it comes to coping with stress, turning to drugs and alcohol rather than counseling in order to feel better about themselves and their situation. Rather than let substance abuse take control, finding help from the team at Ocean Bliss Recovery is a great idea for any college student who is struggling with their mental and emotional health. Learning new ways to manage stress and be the best student possible is an important part of how we help a student get back on their own two feet.

You have the desire to get better, you simply need reliable assistance and support from certified professionals.We incorporate relapse prevention and other valuable programs which aid our clients when they step out from under our care and enter back into the real world.

Our structured therapy sessions are individualized for the best results and offer a variety of different treatment options so everyone can find their own path to a brighter future. Our programs help young adults manage their stress and anxiety in a constructive way which doesn’t involve substance abuse or self-harm. Our outpatient and inpatient treatment options make recovery a real possibility for college students from all walks of life. Finding the right help is key for anyone who is finally ready to take back control of their mental health and wellness. Call Ocean Bliss Recovery today and learn more about how we can help you!

Healthcare EAP is all about Ocean Bliss Recovery and Ocean Bliss Management is JCAHO Accredited. Our Partners are well experienced in providing comprehensive services, benefits and treatment to the healthcare industry for over three decades. We have a shared purpose of caring for people on life's journey, we cater to the backbone of the middle class America's Union Members.

Our global team members serve more people of varied ethnicities and our team members bring their culture with them to make our programs not only a place where you will get optimal health care but a place where the team speaks your language. Besides English our amazing physicians and therapy staff speak other languages; French Spanish, Mandarin, German, Hebrew, Italian and Portuguese.

Ocean Bliss Management creates opportunities that are limitless, so why not make Ocean Bliss Management and Recovery your next EAP benefits manager? We’re preparing out 2021 schedule and hope to fill out last vacancy with your members

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