Drug and alcohol addiction is scary. However, so is the idea rehab. With so many options to choose from and multiple treatment choices, it’s hard to know which route to take. At Ocean Bliss Recovery, we empathize with our patients and their tough road ahead. With our addiction treatment center located in Fort Lauderdale, it’s our mission to provide outstanding recovery results, while healing our guests emotionally, physically, and psychologically.

At Ocean Bliss Recovery, we prioritize our patients as individuals. We know that some treatment centers focus on group activities solely to save time, money, and staff. However, we know how important it is that recovering addicts learn about themselves in this process in order to avoid making the same life-changing mistakes again. When our patients first arrive, we will do a full, detailed, psychological examination to understand more about those staying with us, and how we can successfully assist. We combine evidence-based, insight-oriented, and experiential treatment to further gain perspective.

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Addition treatment is not merely about treating the abuse itself. In fact, drug and alcohol addition comes as a package deal, especially after long-term using. Generally, those who have been addicted suffer from emotional pain, lack of self-worth, self-confidence, and a lack of living skills. With help from our staff, we’ll work side by side with you or your loved ones to heal not only the addiction, but to heal mind, body, and soul.

Our motto at Ocean Bliss Recovery is live, heal, play, and grow. We emphasize having healthy, clean fun, as well as leisurely activities that keep you occupied in all of the right ways. We offer a few different options, as we know that none of our patients operate the same. One of our programs is a partial hospitalization program, meaning that each day begins on the beautiful beaches of Fort Lauderdale, with goals set forth, and a walk to get us moving. During the day, there are many activities including creative, spiritual, and emotionally healing exercises. If our partial program is not for you, we also offer an intensive outpatient program, and outpatient therapy.

At Ocean Bliss Recovery, we know that recovery isn’t an easy hill to climb. Yet, we have faith in our patients that their time to take on a new life is now. With support, compassion, hope, and a beautiful, scenic surrounding, our treatment center is one of the best. If you’re looking for addiction treatment in Fort Lauderdale, please call us. We’ll set up a consultation to assess whether or not we’re the best fit for you. If you’re serious about turning your life around, don’t wait. Today is the day you make a difference.

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